Monday, August 31, 2015

Saturday, June 13

6:30 – Woke
7:15 – Morning sitting in the Ballroom
8:00 – Breakfast

Comments were made of the completion variety, several relating to the performance and the audience's reaction. My observation was that the right impulses seemed to arise out of being present, sometimes bringing about surprising or unexpected turns of events, obstacles, and fears, which were overcome by, again, becoming present. Afterward, I realized my comment was poorly timed, but was able to laugh at the irony. 

10:30 (?) - Intro team with Curt, Tony and I for guitar mechanics.

Some insecurity about whether commentary from me would be supportive or disruptive to the group. I felt I couldn’t quite hold the space. A wish to see what is needed for the Intros post-performance. 

Private lessons:
12:30 – John (Intro)
12:45 – Rodolfo

1:00 - Lunch – several performances

2:30 – Fabian
2:45 – Joe (Intro)
3:00 – Henry (lie down)
3:15 – John Lovas
3:30 – David M

4:00 – Tea/Staff meeting

I felt supported by the role, the team, by Sandra, by my Aim. I feel I have more of a sense, now, what my direction is from this point going forward.

5:00 – Keynotes

These began strong but halfway through I could feel the group tiring a little. It's been a day of talking. A story shared by Frank involving a Mr. Pierre and Mr. Gurdjieff, two dinners, a particularly good dish, under and over-tipping. I took the last opportunity to comment. Frank said if I hadn’t added the word grateful something would be missing in the story - something important that made it complete. 

6:30 – John Smith (lie down)
6:45 – Aoi
7:00 – Dinner

Many performances this evening. Not all were especially well-prepared or sensitive to their audience. One, in particular, elicited a white flag of surrender being waived from the head table. Performances by Tim and the work of Igor and Fabian were particularly good from where I was sitting.

Quick shower and change.
Running down the hill in the dark.
Tuning in the ladies bathroom.

9:45 - Completion circle with guitars in the Ballroom.

Circulation in C. Whiz. Robert called Eye of the Needle and Hope. My left hand sucked. I don’t know why I was surprised. I hardly practiced all week. In the blue tie-dye shift dress. A trickle of sweat made it down the length of one side of my body.

A hasty calling for housework. Pictures are taken for Facebook.

I went to the cabin and packed. Was the recipient of something unexpected and most welcome courtesy of Dev and others. Conversation with Sandra.

11:15 - Completion of housework in the Dining Room. Curt fists us out.

Merch table. Shared a laugh with Mary Beth and schmoozed. Glenmorangie (Sherry Cask, 12 yr) shared outside the Upper Lodge with Patricia, Joe, Adrian, Dev and Julia.