Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Thursday, June 11

6:45 - Woke late, dressed in a hurry.
Acted on a gut feeling and wounded a friend's feelings.
7:15 - Did my sitting on the picnic table outside our cabin with birds.

On the way down the hill, thinking on how to manage AT in Sandra's absence and also honor and include Kim's AT experience/offer to teach on the course, a solution arrives. I've been wanting to work with the BNI kitchen team and she has a presentation on tensegrity that will take 15 minutes. We can split the BNI group at OM's regular time, making sure everyone gets a chance to work with both of us and relieving each of us of having to present individually for more than 15-20 minutes. This idea was met favorably by Kim.

8:00 - Breakfast was especially good.

I missed an opportunity to sign up for a personal meeting.

9:30 Staff meeting
10:30 AT in dining room w/ Kim and Erin

I go overtime with both groups. There is much we can work on when it comes to being present in the kitchen and my enthusiasm sometimes causes me to run long. Something to be aware of.

10:30 - Intro team with buddies
11:30 - BNI in Ballroom

The opportunity to support a friend presents itself. When we part ways best wishes are sent.
Some private reflections on this being the middle. The course has definitely sped up and issues which seem characteristic of the middle are rearing their heads.

1:00 Lunch

Comments and questions during lunch. The hero's journey.

2:30 - Intro Team AT lie-down with Erin
3:00 - How to make a mistake with Tom
4:00 - Tea

My missed opportunity to sign up for a personal meeting is remedied.
Private AT lessons with Alex, Sarah, and Joe

5:00 - Intros with Robert
5:00 - Keynotes with Frank

I acted as interpreter/amplifier/translator once more. This time Frank asked no commentary be given. One observation was particularly intense.

Caught Sandra up on recent events, some of which have potential ramifications for the course. How to deal best with these? A meeting helps clarify our course of action.

7:00 - Dinner with several performances

I'm sitting, facing out of the dining room towards the lake. Outside, dusk is approaching. I'm looking at the center of the table where a pitcher of water, a few glasses and a couple of plates sit. I notice something I had not before - the circular, yellowish light of the overhead lamps. I'm sure they have been on the whole time, but I didn't notice their light until it was contrasted by the approaching darkness.

A reflection on meaning in regard to my question about opposites and my tendency to label one side of the pendulum bad and the other good. Here it is clear there is neither, just a necessary relationship.

After dinner a short meeting with Patrick Smith, seeking help.

8:45 - Ladies in the Wonder Room

A personal experience from the course is shared. The discussion seems to go well, but still better for some than others. Nonetheless, I believe what is necessary has been discharged.

On a personal note, it is interesting to see how many of us feel responsible for the well-being of one another. It is unclear to me if this is healthy or not, just as it is unclear to me where responsibility begins and ends. It is muddy. I don't feel qualified. There also seems to be some difference in comfort around consensus. Some seem to want agreement while others are more comfortable with just being heard. I find out later, at least one person present does not feel heard at all.

10:00 - Ballroom for repertoire

Pieces are called out and we split into small groups.

Worked with a small group in the lady's bathroom on Hope. It's evening. Most of us seem to be giddy-tired and it is still remarkably hot out. I am a terrible leader and have to ask Sarah to count us in. Our numbers grow. We move to the hallway and are joined by Curt who outlines for us the structure of the piece. We are also joined by a small group capable of working the circulation. Sarah leaves and rejoins, flute in hand. Yay! The tempo is a bit slow and there is an inclination to speed-up, but it's coming together.

11:15 Repertoire run through

So much fun. Some great playing. So much so, I forget how tired and hot I am and just enjoy it. Adrian and Collin's work together sticks out in my mind. Several curious Intros were about. So far, this may be the best representation of what we are able to accomplish together as a circle.

I am driven back up the hill to my cabin by Sarah, grateful for the air-conditioning and laughter.


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